5 on Friday

I am so excited for my sister-in-law’s Baby Shower tomorrow.  I can’t even believe this little baby is almost here and I am over the moon excited about being an Aunt for the first time!  Can’t wait to meet this new little bundle!

I am thankful beyond words for past friendships, current friendships and new friendships.  At each phase of my life, I have met people who mean different things to me.  Although not all of my friends have children, it’s especially powerful to connect with other Mom’s.  It’s an indescribable bond.  We each understand why the other is drinking!

I am so in love  with my little family and thankful for the weekend.   It’s the time that I cherish the most.

Brian leaves me in a week for a work conference out of state.  I can handle anything, but it still makes me nervous.  We are such a team and are strong together in different ways.

I love what a great Dad Brian is to McKenzie.  He just told me tonight that he plans on keeping McKenzie home from daycare the day before he goes out of town, so he can spend time with her.  I love watching their relationship.  Makes my heart melt.


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