A Weekend to Remember

I love weekends!  They are a chance to unwind, reset, accomplish tasks, to have fun and spend time with the ones you love. Some weekends are epic and this would be one of them!

We started off the weekend by sleeping in!  Kenzie slept until 9, which was glorious.  Brian and I both had a chance to get up and run, shower and be ready for McKenzie long before she made her first peep.  We enjoyed breakfast and then spent the rest of the morning setting up McKenzie’s new toddler bed!  She was so excited and insisted on being in the mix to help!  We kept telling her that this was her Big Girl Bed and she would giggle each time we said it.

By the time we finished putting it all together, it was nap time.  I honestly thought we would have a fight on our hands, but she pointed to her bed, I put her in it and kissed her forehead and off to sleep she went.  For all of the anxiety I had leading up to it, she did great!

So excited for her Big Girl Bed!

So excited for her Big Girl Bed!

After a nap, we went to the local circus.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I guess I expected a few juggling acts and clowns and a short performance.  I was blown away! The show lasted an hour and a half and included acrobats, jugglers, clowns, dogs and camels!  It was done really well and kept McKenzie’s attention the entire time!

I am emotional on a good day, but it literally brought tears to my eyes to see how excited she was and how happy this made her.  It’s moments like these that make all of the tough Mom moments worthwhile.

After the show, we went grocery shopping for the week and McKenzie was an angel!  We stopped home, unpacked the groceries and then headed over to a friend’s for dinner.  It was a great night for the adults and fun for the kids as well.  There are three kids total ranging from 18 months to 15 months.  Everyone had a blast!

Sunday morning was a lazy morning.  Brian and I slept in until 8 and McKenzie slept in until 10!  I couldn’t even believe it!  Brian and I cleaned and organized the house before McKenzie woke up.  We went to brunch and had a great morning together.

During afternoon nap time, I had a chance to reorganize my upcoming blog posts, organize pictures and upload the new logos!  I love the new look that the logos give the site!  Now to just keep writing!

This evening, my sister, Kyle and my Mom stopped by so that we could celebrate my sister and Kyle’s recent engagement!  We had dinner together and celebrated with champagne and dessert from a local bakery!    My sister is so excited!  It’s nice to see her so happy.  I wish her and Kyle all the best as they choose to start their lives together.

It was quite a weekend to say the least with much to celebrate!  Great family, big milestones, fun times with friends, memorable moments and exciting news to celebrate!

Here’s hoping that having such an amazing weekend sets me up for an even more focused and incredible week!


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