A Room in My Childhood Home | 52 Weeks of Blogging With A Purpose

If I close my eyes and think back, I can vividly remember my childhood home.  We lived in Baltimore at the time in a semi-detached house.  It was perfect for the three of us – my Mom, sister and I.  It was filled with the typical sisterly arguments and unfair rules set by Mom, but it was also filled with love, life lessons and the true meaning of family.

The room that holds a special place in my heart is my bedroom.  It was perfect for me.  It was my spot.  A place that I could call my own.  A space that countless hours were spent.

It had a 4 post bed – every young girl’s dream.  At one point it had a canopy, because let’s be honest – didn’t all girl’s beds in the early 90’s?  I believe my sister and I may have broken the canopy and thus, I had a 4 post bed.  The walls were pink and I felt like a princess in my bed.

A dream catcher hung above my headboard.  It caught all of the unwanted thoughts, dreams and fears of this young girl.  It was a dream catcher that I made in Girl Scouts and it remained above my bed until we moved when I was in the 8th grade.

I had a white vanity with a small bench.  I would spend hours sitting on that bench and styling my hair, trying out make-up – make-up that I was never allowed to wear because I was too young!

I had the typical stereo of the early 90’s.  It included a single disc CD player.  I thought I was the coolest!  More importantly than the CD player, it had a two deck tape player that had the ability to record.  All of my favorite songs were recorded from the radio.  Those were the days when the best mix tapes were made.  It’s funny to think that our children will think of cassette tapes the way that we think of records and 8-tracks.  They will grow up in a world where all they know is iTunes and Pandora.  They will never know the joy of capturing a song perfectly – without the DJ talking over the beginning or end of the song.  Those were the days!

The pink walls of my room were decorated with the pictures of my celebrity crushes – Devin Sawa and JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas).   It’s so embarrassing to even admit that!

I had a TV in my room, but it was an old black and white computer monitor.  There was no remote and I had to turn a dial to change the channel.  I received the 4 basic TV stations and most days, showed more static channels than actual programs.

By today’s standard’s, my room was quaint.  It wasn’t decorated ornately nor did it have trendy furniture.  I didn’t need that though.  The space was completely mine.

It was in that room that I chatted on the phone with friends for hours.  My mom picking up in the middle of the conversation to tell me that she needed to use the phone.  It was in that room that I found my love of music.  It was in that room that I began to write.   I wrote letters to my pen pal in Australia.  I wrote in my diary.  I wrote just to write.  It was in that room that I grew up.  Where the best memories were made.  Where I started to become the person that I am today.

Sorry for such a horrible picture and an unmade bed!  It's the only one I could find...but I guess it serves its' purpose!  My room, my place, my mess!

Sorry for such a horrible picture and an unmade bed! It’s the only one I could find…but I guess it serves its’ purpose! My room, my place, my mess!

I loved my room.  It’s my hope that McKenzie will look back fondly on her room one day and remember that it was her escape, her recluse, her get-away.  Her place.

And the best part is….she won’t have to record her own music or share a home phone with the rest of the family.  Oh how times have changed!


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