A Tribute to Grandparents

Grandparent’s Day was this past weekend.  We didn’t celebrate it.  It’s a Hallmark holiday.  Instead, we celebrate each grandparent on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  Better yet, we celebrate them every day.

Kenzie is lucky!  She has all of her 4 grandparent’s, plus one!  My Dad remarried, so she has an additional grandmother, as well!  Lucky her!  Even more people to love her and spoil her!

I’m not sure you fully understand the value of a grandparent until you are much older.  As a young child, you see grandparents as an endless source of fun!  They let you do the things that Mom and Dad don’t.  They are the fun ones.  They take you places.  They buy you things you don’t need.  They fill you up with sugar and candy.  They allow you to break the rules.  They come to your rescue.

You grow up.  In middle school, you view your grandparents as a homework assignment.  We all remember having to interview a grandparent about what life was like when they were young.  I can remember the stories that my grandparent’s told me – the walking 5 miles, up-hill, in the snow to get to school type stories.  The stories of how simple life was. The way life should be.

Then you grow up more.  You are a busy teenager, with a new sense of freedom.  Your friends and social outings are your priorities.  You still love your grandparents, but you fail to make enough time for them.  Even the time you do make, is never enough.   They chide you for not calling or stopping by more often.  They want to know what’s going on in your life.  You continue to grow. You are another year older, and so are they.

You are now a young adult.  You have your own life.  There aren’t enough hours in the day.  You are working full-time, purchasing cars and your first home.  You are planning a wedding.  You are busier than ever.  You love you grandparents, but there just isn’t time.  You don’t see them as often as you should.   You call.  You stop by when you can.  They still want to know about your life.  They tell you how proud they are of you and the person that you have become.   You are growing up and they are growing older.

Then you grow some more.  You have a husband, a new house and child of your own.  Then there’s this moment – a moment that stops you in your tracks.  A moment where you step back, look at your life and think, Wow….I love where I am right now.  Then you hear the words of your grandparent’s echoing in your mind – how proud they are of you and the person that you have become. Tears stream down your face.  You wish they were still here.  To see the life you are living, to meet McKenzie, to spend time with her as great-grandparents, to enjoy this little girl.

I know it’s one of those lessons that we all need to learn on our own, but I want McKenzie to know how special her grandparents are.  I want her to cherish the time that she has with them, because there will come a day that she will stop, look around at her life, and wish that they were here.

Happy Grandparent’s Day to the greatest parents – turned Grandparents!

We love you!


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