5 on Friday – October Edition


Due to my blogging hiatus over the past month, I’ve missed almost all of the Five on Fridays!  Here I am!  Checking in with my October edition of Five on Friday!

Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year!? Fall in Maryland is perfect!  The leaves are finally starting to change and I can’t wait to capture pictures of the gorgeousness of it all!  Each day, we get closer to this…



Fall also means my favorite fall nail polishes!  Here’s my current color:


It’s my go-to this time of year and always one of my favorite’s – OPI’s Oh to be 25 again!

I can’t believe that Halloween is this coming week!  I’m so excited that I decided to make her costume and that it turned out perfectly!  I can’t wait to see McKenzie in it!  Here’s a sneak peek…


Although I may be jumping the gun, after today, there are only 8 more Friday’s until Christmas!  Wow!  I’ve already started shopping and am half-way there!  I refuse to be last-minute this year!


As to not jump the gun completely and skip over Thanksgiving, I’m linking up with Kenzie over at Chasing Happy and participating in her Thankful Project.  I’m excited to take on the challenge of writing every day for 28 days and to share the things that make so very thankful!  Feel free to link up and join along!

thankful project title


Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “5 on Friday – October Edition

  1. That is the perfect shade of red for the fall! My nails are all chipped…I really need to get on that.

    I’ve been shouting ‘just two months until Christmas’ all morning. I even got Aria to scream with me during breakfast.

    And, I am definitely going to look into that linkup. Sounds perfect. So many things to be thankful for.

    • Haha! I rarely have my nails painted, because it never lasts long! It always ends up chipped by the end of the day!

      So excited for all of the upcoming holidays with the little ones! Glad you’re joining in for the link-up! I better get writing! 🙂

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