Change meet Anxiety. Anxiety meet Change.

I am a creature of habit…even if what I’m doing is no longer a great fit.  I would rather stay in the same place than have to deal with the unknowns that change brings.  It makes me anxious….really anxious.   Like a knot in the back of your throat, am I making the right decision, I wish someone would tell me what to do type of anxious.

I need a change.  I want a change.  It just makes me nervous. I looked to the Internet for quotes of inspiration to help me through this awful feeling.  Here’s what I’ve got:


I always find reasons as to why now is not the time.  I think I’ve found reasons for the past year.  I’ve got to stop this vicious cycle.


I’ve got it great where I am right now.  Flexibility, Autonomy, A Family.  I just need something more.  I feel like I’m not being challenged.  I want a challenge.  …Hopefully you’ll remind me of this in the future!


I am learning to have faith that everything will work out .  If not, I know that there are other opportunities.  Change just makes me so anxious and afraid.


I know everything will happen exactly as it should, but it’s different now.  Without a family, I probably wouldn’t worry as much, but I have to.  There are people who rely on me.  People that need me.  People that I don’t want to let down.

I want something better, but I’m so afraid to go after it.  The grass isn’t greener on the other side, but is it better than this?


9 thoughts on “Change meet Anxiety. Anxiety meet Change.

  1. I am the exact same way! I taught elementary school for three years and have been out of the classroom for a year and a half staying home with my son. I just took my first sub job this Friday and I am SO SO nervous…change…ahhh. Anxiety! I agree that it’s easy to just stay where we are because it’s comfortable, but things almost always go better than we expect. I’m usually always happy I pushed my boundaries. 🙂

    • I agree! It’s the initial jump that’s always so hard! Good luck on Friday! I’m sure you will do great! I bet it’ll be as natural to you as the day you left! And the adult interaction – even better! You’ll be an even happier Mom when you get home!

      • I don’t understand why it’s hard either, but you’re right. It’s usually for the better, even if you can’t necessarily see that right away.

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