The Thankful Project: Day 8 – Words

In the fast-paced, technology driven, hustle and bustle of our lives, it’s rare to receive a handwritten letter in the mail.  When you get the occasional thank you note for a birthday present or for something you’ve done, you almost always rush to open it, because the anticipation of what is said in that little card is almost too much to bear.

Technology has changed our society.  It now thrives on the immediacy of text message and emails.  It’s almost as if the art of actually handwriting a letter has gone away.   Of course, Brian messages me throughout the day with sweet messages that I love, but there’s just something different about a handwritten message.

I stopped in my tracks a few weeks ago when I was cleaning out a book-case and came across an accordion file folder, filled with hand written love letters from Brian.


The dates on the cards and letters ranged from a few weeks after we started dating to my time spent away at college.   I took the time to re-read each letter.  It was like I was unlocking a time capsule of memories.  Those letters reminded me of events that occurred, memories that were made, and the new love that we had for each other.  It gave me butterflies all over again.  It reminded me of why he’s perfect for me and of all the reasons that I love him.  It confirmed that although those letters are almost 11 years old, I still feel the same.  He still makes my heart skip a beat, I still love the time I spend with him, I still adore him and yes…I still want to spend the rest of my life with him.

Isn’t it amazing how strongly words can impact us?  Although handwritten letters may be a thing of the past, let this thankful be a reminder of two things: The power of our words – whether written on spoken and the power of a handwritten letter – sent to someone who may not even be expecting it.

Consider writing someone a handwritten note for no reason at all!  Imagine what it would do for their day!

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3 thoughts on “The Thankful Project: Day 8 – Words

  1. So, so true! I love handwritten notes and letters. Truly the best thing you can get in the mail =) It is great that you have all those old letters. I am pretty sure my husband and I never wrote each other…anything, maybe a card.

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