The Thankful Project: Day 23 – Something You’ve Seen

luke 2I’ve seen our family grow.  We’ve grown through marriages.  We’ve grown through the birth of little babies.  We’ve also grown through adoption.

Today, on National Adoption Day, I’m thankful for my brother.

My Dad and Step-Mom chose to adopt back in 2005.  After waiting almost a year to meet him and bring him home, he finally joined our family.

I’ll never forget the day.  We all gathered at their house to anxiously await their arrival from the airport.  We had decorated the front of the house and had food waiting.  In they walked with the most adorable little 11 month old you could have ever seen.

He was overwhelmed, yet happy.  His whole world was completely different.  His life had been turned upside down.  For 11 months, he had spent time with a foster-mother who loved him dearly. For 11 months, he had only heard the Spanish language.  For 11 months, Guatemala, or Guate-LAMA (as he used to call it) was his home.

Now he was in his new home.  With a Mom and Dad, more toys than he knew what to do with, a two sister’s.  He instantly captured our hearts and became part of our family.


Although there is a 20 year age difference between us and we’re at very different points in our lives, I’m thankful beyond words for this charming little guy!



thankful project titleI’m linking up with Kenzie over at Chasing Happy for the month of November.
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One thought on “The Thankful Project: Day 23 – Something You’ve Seen

  1. I think it’s amazing when people adopt children. It impresses me to know that there are people out there caring AND LOVING somebody else’s offspring. I say “offspring” because I believe that if you take care of a baby that he/she is your child, and that you are the “parents” of the said child. I have a lot of respect for people who choose to be parents for kids that are not biologically related to them. There’s just something about those people, like your parents, that astounds me to step on a job that somebody else couldn’t do.

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