Our Christmas Card | Photo Affections

This year, I found a killer deal on Living Social for Christmas cards.  I had never heard of or used Photo Affections before, but I thought…why not!? I was not disappointed!

Their site was user-friendly and I loved their layouts.  There were so many to choose from, I had a hard time deciding.  In the end, I created 8 different options.  I printed samples of each and took them home to Brian for him to narrow them down!  It was a tough decision, but here’s the one we chose!

christmas card

I love how they turned out.  The order shipped promptly and I received the cards about a week after I created them.  I did order these in October though, so maybe I beat some of the rush!?  I know…so Type A!

What blew me away about this company was their customer service.  About 2 weeks ago, I received a complete duplicate order of our Christmas cards again!  I panicked thinking that I must have accidentally hit the “Re-Order” button when I was on their site.  I logged in to my bank account to check, but no charge.  Hmmmmm.  Strange.    I ended up calling their customer service department.  As soon as I explained to them that I received a duplicate order but was not charged for it, they explained.  They informed me that another customer called and said that they had issues with the paper of their cards (apparently, it appeared as if something had spilled on them), so Photo Affections pulled all orders that were created from the lot of matte paper that the other’s customer’s cards had come from and re-created the order.  They didn’t want any other customer’s having the same issue and having any delay in receiving corrected Christmas cards if there were issues.

I thought that was super of this company – even when our cards were completely perfect!    So, for $20, I ended up with 140 beautiful matte Christmas cards!  What a deal!

I most certainly will be using them in the future for all of our printing needs!

P.S. I love receiving Christmas cards!  It’s the highlight of my day this time of year!  It’s like having little surprises in your mail each day!  Love it!


12 thoughts on “Our Christmas Card | Photo Affections

    • Thank you! I love her pretending to write on the chalk board as well! In hindsight, it should have said something other than let it snow in our Fall pictures! Lol! Either way, it’s cute!

    • Thank you, thank you! Love that you stopped by! Nice to meet you!…aren’t blogging introductions so awkward!? I’m following back and can’t wait to read more! Have a great weekend!

  1. I would definitely agree. I really like your holiday card when I received it. I like that it has multiple pictures because I can never pick only one to put in them. Their service sounds really good! I might have to try them out. I’ve never had a holiday card made before. That reminds me, my family really need to get a professional picture done for our first Christmas as a family of three. I gotta quit slacking!

    • Def get those pics taken! I wasn’t sure if we would do a family picture each year around Christmas or her birthday, but knew that we wanted to do one the same time every year! The Fall has seemed to work because then it’s perfect for Christmas cards! You’ll look back next year and won’t believe how much your baby has grown! Time goes so quickly!

    • Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! I have loved all of the cards I’ve received this year! There are some beautiful ones out there! You should def check them out! Following back! Looking forward to reading more! Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow. First – great card, you made an excellent choice in my opinion! Beautiful. Second – it is so awesome when a company goes that extra step or two. I’m totally going to check them out for future card needs.

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