To Switch or Not To Switch!? Wordpress vs. Blogger

As I was attempting to update my blog to a holiday theme…you know, the sand and barefoot beach pic isn’t cutting it for the winter months… I became super frustrated with the limitations and restrictions that WordPress offers.

As I started researching and looking for alternatives, I’ve heard that blogger allows for more customization.  I’ve also been looking for a new blog design and many of the designers that I’m finding will only design and install on Blogger sites.    I’ve found a designer that I love, Megan from Yammering Yankee, and she’s almost convinced me to switch!

That’s why I’m coming to you for help!  Do you have any opinions on which is better?  Anyone make the switch?  Did you lose followers?  How did you alert them that your site was moving to a different URL?

Any help or feedback that you could give would be great!  I’m almost 99% sure that I’m going to make the switch, but am just terrified to make the leap!

Help a blogger out and let me know your thoughts!

Thanks so much in advance!